The distribution business has never been easy, and it is getting more difficult with an increasing number of your customers sourcing goods and products directly from manufacturers. Today’s technology has made the marketplace more competitive and puts increasing pressure on gross margins. You have to be competitive by supporting your customers with market terms and stocking the right inventory–which requires cash–a lot of cash.

Working-capital financing from Porter Capital for your accounts receivable and inventory can help you support your customers and achieve growth for your business.  Porter Capital’s financing programs can help you:

  •  Pay your suppliers and vendors faster,
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts,
  • Take on more and larger customers,
  • Invest in an expanded work force to service a growing customer base,
  • Carry the right level of inventory to support your customer’s needs, and
  • Provide accounts-receivable management support so you can focus on running your business and not chasing customers for payment.


Porter Capital can provide the financial and back-office support you need to grow and prosper. And we do business the way you want to do business –Simple. Honest. No surprises.

We would like to speak with you about your business needs. Let’s get started!