Oil Field Services

Pressure.  There are a lot of pressures in the oil patch – annular pressure, casing pressure, bottomhole pressure, back pressure, fracking pressure, and many others.  An increasing pressure reaching critical levels is financial or working capital pressure. With almost all of the larger operators demanding substantial discounts and longer payment terms, the need to meet payroll and pay your vendors can sometimes create a high pressure squeeze on your cash flow.

We cannot help you manage most of the pressures in the oil patch, but Porter Capital can relieve the pressure on your working capital by financing your accounts receivable.  We call it Working Capital Overnight because we can fund your invoices when you complete the work without waiting 60 days, 90 days or even longer for payment.

Porter Capital has been helping industrial and service companies since 1991 and we deliver our service to you the way you want it, simple, honest, and with no surprises.

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