Porter Capital has helped many transportation companies since our inception in 1991. In 2011, Porter Capital seized an opportunity and formed Porter Billing Services , a company specializing in the transportation industry, which offers transportation factoring and fuel-card services for small to medium-sized over-the-road trucking companies.

Porter Billing Services offers personalized service with a range of amenities. Recourse and Non-Recourse programs allow transportation companies to choose a program to best fit the size and needs of their operation. Additional services like billing programs and fuel-card services help us customize a program for each company.

And best of all? There are no long-term contracts or termination fees!

Porter Billing Services is a transportation factoring company that offers the following:

  • Same-day funding!
  • Credit line for diesel fuel. Porter offers the FuelSmart fuel card, powered by ComData, which provides both credit and hefty discounts.
  • Online access to your account.
  • Flat-rate pricing for 90 days.
  • TripPak Express and Transflo services at no additional cost.
  • Recourse & Non-Recourse programs available.


To learn more about Porter Billing Services and how we can help your transportation company,  contact a representative today!