Customer Story: Preserving a Lucrative Contract with Factoring

Midwest Decals makes decals, signs, banners, screen printings and more for businesses in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. We had a chance to speak with owner Toby Muller about his time factoring invoices with Porter Capital.


"This was my first experience with factoring," says Muller. "I learned about invoice factoring as a financial solution during business school but mostly from the perspective of trucking and manufacturing. I hadn't really thought about it for my business but since my financials couldn't withstand a traditional loan, a banker recommended I turn to factoring."

After a search, Midwest Decals made the decision to factor their invoices with Porter Capital. They were almost immediately impressed by Porter's expediency and customer service.

"Mildred [my account executive] is so knowledgable. She really knows this stuff backwards and forwards."


When asked about the benefits to factoring, Muller is very clear. "I find factoring very helpful to keep steady cashflow. Our largest customer pays in 60 days but our vendors require 30 days. If we hadn't used factoring we would have lost that contract," says Muller. "Porter Capital helped us keep a very lucrative contract."

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