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Porter Capital is an invoice factoring and business funding company that was founded in 1991. They’re based in Birmingham, AL, and work with companies in the small business, distribution, software, food and beverage, government contractor, manufacturing, oil and gas, service, staffing, tech, textiles, and trucking industries; they also have relationship with large banking institutions to help with overflow loans and referrals.

Pros of Porter Capital:

One of Porter Capital’s greatest attributes is they will frequently provide funding on factored invoices within 24 hours. This speed of deposit can really help protect the revenue stream of your business, and ensures you have the capital you need to complete projects and grow. There is also no credit requirement or negative to applying for instant funding. 

Porter Capital is also strong in that they operate a very easy to use website, which lets customers know the important information they’re looking for when researching factoring companies. Our research equates this with a higher level of customer service.

Finally, they provide invoice factoring services for companies in a range of different industries. As a result, they have the experience that your business needs when it comes to dealing with your specific cash flow situation. They also have a very long history in factoring or invoice / account receivables financing and feature a fantastic Porter Rewards program.

Final Verdict:

Porter Capital is one of the most reliable and well-reviewed invoice factoring companies doing business today. They do a better job of disclosing their fees and discount rate ranges, as well as providing more information on their qualifying standards, which has helped them move into the list of the best invoice factoring companies.

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Birmingham, AL 35203