staffing financing and factoring

Factoring invoices can provide staffing agencies and contract employee businesses with financing that is reliable and flexible, contact Porter Capital today to learn how.

Cash flow to help your business...

Meet Weekly payroll

Staffing business clients pay monthly but you pay employees with a weekly paycheck. If you can't keep up with payroll you lose employees, and clients

Recruit more staff

The staffing industry is growing, but in order to hire more staff to fill more positions, companies must have the cash to bring those new employees on board.

Acquire competitors

One way to grow your business is to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a competitor. This requires speed and cash on hand

Move into new markets

As you grow, you may need to open new offices in new cities or states. A steady flow of working capital can help cover the start-up costs associated with new locations

funding A staffing company by factoring invoices can provide cash flow to fund YOUR most important asset - YOUR people and their lives.

As the staffing industry has grown, so has the need for flexible financing for staffing companies. According to the American Staffing Association, in an average week, staffing companies are responsible for more than 3 million employees across this country and are one of the most important industries thriving today - let us help.

We provide flexible staffing agency and employee contractors financing so you can make sure your staff get paid, on time, giving them the ability and freedom to continue living their lives without worry.

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Apply now for the staffing financing or invoice factoring you need to run your business and our team will get in touch to discuss your funding options, get approved in as little as 24 hours:

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