Innovative Solutions

Banking professionals have been referring their clients to Porter Capital for years, because we specialize in providing uniquely tailored financing for those who need alternative business-finance solutions to everyday business challenges.

Whether it’s a short-term capital infusion until more permanent financing can be arranged, or providing accounts-receivable financing to assist with payroll and other expenses. In addition to accounts-receivable financing, we offer inventory financing for qualified clients, working in tandem with A/R financing to provide the utmost in flexibility. Porter Capital can be the right choice for you and your client, and you can refer us with confidence, knowing we will help your clients find the solution they are searching for.

The Right Partner

We offer lines of credit from $100,000 – $10,000,000, and we do it with unusual flexibility; without levels of bureaucracy and with uncommon speed. Our professionals have decades of combined experience, and are specialists in factoring. Bottom line, we will do what needs to be done for your clients, and we will do it in an open, honest, and relaxed atmosphere that’s comfortable for all.